Top Five Signs That Say You Need To Have Your Laptop Repaired

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It’s normal to wish that our laptops will remain useful and in good condition even after years of use. However, just like any kind of machine, they’ll naturally slow down, lag, or even die when you don’t have them checked, cleaned, and repaired. However, natural wear and tear is not the only reason why your laptops experience these red flags.

Depending on the model, brand, and extent of use, different LAPTOP ISSUES and signs would tell you when your laptop needs some tender loving care. Some of these signs may be more severe than others, but they share one thing in common — they need your attention immediately. Here are these telling signs.


When your laptop is noisy, it could be because of a heating problem. On the other hand, it could be that the fan is clogged or dirty. The dirt or dust accumulated inside the laptop may have blocked its vent, causing it to make an annoying sound. If the issue is the laptop fan, then that would be an intermittent noise problem. If the problem stems from the DVD-ROM drive, you can eject the same by clicking the driver drawer to see if the issue ends.

Unfortunately, if one of the LAPTOP ISSUES is the hard drive, you might hear cracking or clicking sounds. This means that your laptop’s hard drive might be failing. If the issue is none of those mentioned above, never attempt to repair it yourself if you’re not skilled to do so. It would only exacerbate the problem. Instead, take it to a professional to pinpoint and remedy the problem.


If you keep on getting disconnected while browsing through your laptop, that’s another issue you need to be mindful of. All the more if you continuously need to re-input your network key or find the home network. The same is also true when you always have to reconnect your Bluetooth devices to your laptop. All of these are examples of connectivity issues.

Unfortunately, these LAPTOP ISSUES can lower your productivity even if they don’t seem to be serious concerns. You can choose to bring your laptop to the repair shop right away or try troubleshooting them by yourself. If you choose the latter, you can start by checking your network problem. Besides that, try troubleshooting the wireless router as well. If it’s a wireless connectivity issue, then other devices apart from the laptop can connect.Sua laptop Da Nang fixing team can solve it

If you see that other gadgets and devices connect properly to your network, you can launch the dentify and repair network problems’ feature of your laptop. You can do this either by using your laptop’s search bar or asking Cortana. The good thing is you will be guided all through the process until you identify and fix the problem.

You may need to restart your wireless adapter or change the user settings. However, if these simple fixes are not enough, take the initiative of bringing your laptop to the repair shop.


This is one of the more common LAPTOP ISSUES with devices that have broken built-in fans and those accidentally spilt with water or other liquids. While some laptops would still run and function as usual after you spilt it with water, it won’t take long until you see them refuse to turn on or boot. If they still turn on, but the keyboards remain unresponsive, the first remedy you can try is deactivating its built-in keyboard and use an external or wired one instead. If this solves the problem, then you might try this setup for a while.

You can also check if some of the keys are only stuck. Try pressing and repressing the stuck keys to see if it solves the problem. Otherwise, you might need to bring your device to the laptop repair shop. Never open your laptop if you’re not knowledgeable in repairing and fixing the same. You might just worsen the problem and render your device unserviceable.


If your device is not working as it usually should, it may be because of dirt and dust. With the use of compressed air, you can clean the keys. You can also gently lift the keys until the button cover comes off. However, since not all laptop keyboards come with removable key covers, you don’t need to do this when your keyboard buttons are not designed this way.Laptop cu Da Nang tool can help you clean at home


If your device has visibly old and dilapidated keys, you might want to deactivate your keyboard permanently. Again, you can use Cortana or the search bar to check the status of your keyboard. This will show whether your keyboard driver is working or appropriately connected. If after your search it shows some problems, then it’s best to contact a professional to have the same repaired.

These are just a few of the LAPTOP ISSUES and signs that say your device needs urgent attention. However, don’t wait until your device dies before you run to the repair shop. As they would put it, an ounce of care is always better than a pound of cure.